Reviewing Popup Analytics & Reports

When you have a popup you will want to see how it's doing and how many people are entering their information (or clicking on a link). With HollerBox you can do all of this.

After you have a popup created, you can going into the Reports (which is in the left-side menu) and there you can get all the details. By default it shows the past 30 days but you can adjust that to any dates you want. You also get the individual number of impressions, conversions and the conversion rate as a percentage.

HollerBox reports showing all activity, with a red rectangle around the reports in the menu to show where the reports is

Showing HollerBox reports the individual numbers, with a red recetangle around reports in the menu

If you have more than one popup or page that the popup shows up on you get a breakdown of those as well. Each popup is under the popup section, with the impressions (Imp.), conversions (Conv.), and conversion rate (CVR.). And the same thing goes for pages where the popup shows. 

HollerBox reporting of each popup and page, which has a red rectangle around it. There is also a red rectangle around the report link in the menu.

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