Create your first Popup

Ready to create your first Popup? It only takes a few minutes. We will create a popup that:

  • Shows on every page
  • Appears after a 3-second delay
  • Collected a Name and Email Address
  • Shows a message when a lead converts
  • Hides permanently after a lead converts
  • Sends an email to an admin

First, go to the HollerBox menu and click Add New

The template section screen will automatically open, select the Popup with Form Template.

Change the position to Bottom Left. Open the Overlay controls and disable the overlay, this will allow users to use the website without the popup getting in the way.

Next, open the Integration panel and click Add Integration.

Select the Send Email integration. Configure the email to send to your email address and add some replacement codes for the content to identify who signed up.

Make sure to scroll down and click Save Changes, otherwise, they won't save when you close the email editor.

Next, click on Display Conditions, this will open the Display Conditions editor which allows you to configure the visibility of your popups.

Where it says Include click Add Rule. The default selection is Entire Site, so leave it as is.

Scroll down to where it says Advanced, and enable the rule Hide if previously converted which will prevent the popup from showing to people who have already submitted it.

Close the Display Conditions and then click Triggers to open the Triggers configuration Screen.

Enabled the On Page Load trigger and set the delay to 3 seconds.

Close the Triggers Screen, and at the top right of the editor click Publish!

Congratulations, you've created your first popup!

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