Welcome to HollerBox

Welcome to HollerBox! This guide will quickly show you around HollerBox and how to get started!

What is HollerBox?

HollerBox is the easiest and fastest way to get highly effective popups on your WordPress site. It can be installed from the WordPress repository and also downloaded from your account.

Installing HollerBox

You can install HollerBox from the Add New Plugin screen in your WordPress site.

You can also download HollerBox here and install it by uploading the .zip file to your WordPress site.

Once installed you will see HollerBox in the left-hand menu. 


HollerBox is all about creating popups!

You can see all your popups by clicking All Popups in the HollerBox submenu.

Or, create a new popup by clicking Add New.


You can adjust some global settings in HollerBox from the settings page, as well as get quick access to some helpful links.


You can always keep an eye on how your popups are performing from the Reports page.

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