Compliance: Cookie Consent

If you are using a cookie consent plugin such as CookieYes, then you will need to enable the Cookie Compliance setting in HollerBox.

What this does is prevent any cookies from being set in the browser, as well as prevent popups from appearing.

By default, the settings are made to be compatible with the CookieYes plugin, but if you use a different one you can change the cookie name and cookie value to represent what positive consent is in the plugin of your choice.

Once consent is given HollerBox will load without needing the page to reload.

Note: If you are using a plugin that does not set a cookie for when consent is accepted, your popups will not show.

You can disable the cookie compliance setting in HollerBox, or you can use this script below and add it to the header or footer and it will set a cookie when consent has been given.
  const gaveConsent = () => {
    let consentLevel = localStorage.getItem( 'consent-level' )
    return consentLevel === 'some' || consentLevel === 'all';
  const maybeDisableCookieCompliance = () => {
    if ( gaveConsent() ){
      HollerBox.settings.cookie_compliance = false;
  window.addListener('load', e => {
  document.addListener('click', e => {
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 50)
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