Handling Popup Submissions

You got a new lead! That's terrific! Now we have to do something with the data. There are two things that happen when a lead converts.

  1. Any integrations are run
  2. The popup reacts to the submission

How integrations work...

Integrations allow you to send lead data to CRMs, Zaps, Webhooks, or send emails!

Can I have more than one integration?

You can add any number of integrations to a Popup. For example, you could have two Send Email integrations, one that is sent to a lead, and one that's sent to an admin, each with different content.

You can also send lead data to multiple CRM systems, Zaps, or Webhooks.

What happens if an integration fails?

If one of your integrations fails, the author of the popup will receive a notification indicating which integration failed. 

On the other hand, the lead will not receive any notice of this to keep the user experience consistent.

Common reasons for integrations failing are:

  • No SMTP plugin on the site, preventing emails from sending
  • Incorrect API keys or account names for CRM integrations

Reacting to submissions

After all the integrations are processed, the Popup will react to the submission in one of three ways.

  • The popup will close
  • The popup content will change to show a message
  • The lead will be directed to another page

You can set the behavior to use from the After Submit panel in the editor.

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