Integration: MailChimp (Pro)

Note: This is an integration that requires the paid version of HollerBox. If you don't have it, you can buy it on our pricing page. You will also need a MailChimp account (which is free).
You will also need a popup that has a form in order to get that information into MailChimp.

Want the form information entered into HollerBox to go into your MailChimp account? You can do that. 

You will want to show the Integrations menu, then click Add Integrations.

Editing a HollerBox popup, and the Integrations menu is highlighted to show where it's located

MailChimp is under the CRM (Email Marketing) menu. You will need to click on it, then it will ask you to enter a MailChimp API key.

If you don't know how to create and find a MailChimp API key you can go into your MailChimp account, then under the API Keys section you can create one just for HollerBox. If you have any trouble, you can reference the MailChimp about API Keys help document.

  • Copy the API key
  • Add the Audiences 
  • Apply Tags

If you would like to require double opt-in, slide the switch to on. 

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