Integration: Zapier

The Zapier integration can be used to connect HollerBox with almost any application!

Configuration is incredibly easy.

In any HollerBox popup template that has a form, click Add Integration and select Zapier which is under the Advanced integrations section.

At this time the only setting for Zapier is the Zap URL as HollerBox will send all lead information to Zapier every time.

If you already have a Zap URL, you can enter it and save changes, otherwise close the integration for now and go to your Zapier account.

Once in your Zapier account, add a new Zap and select Webhooks by Zapier.

For the Event select the Catch Hook then click continue.

At this point, you will be given the Zap URL. Copy it.

Go back to HollerBox and place the URL in the integration settings and save your changes.

For integrations to take effect, you must then either Publish/Update or Save Draft.

After saving, you can submit the form within the editor to test the integrations you configured.

Go back to Zapier and click the Test button. If it worked, you will see a notification We found a request! along with the contact details you submitted as seen below.

You can then click continue and add any Zap actions you want such as adding the details to your CRM.

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