Integration: Send Email

Note: This requires a form, and we're highly suggesting using a plugin to send the email (like MailHawk) to ensure the email makes it into the email inbox.

Want to get an email every time someone enters their information into your popup? Or want to send the lead an automatic email, after? HollerBox can do that.

First, you want to go into Add Integration.

Then you want to click Send Email. In the to, by default will be the lead's email address (the person who just filled in the form) but you can edit that to include any email address.

From will be the email address that is on your WordPress account, but you can change it to be any email address. We suggest an email address that is from your website.

You then can put any reply-to, subject line, and email body you want. When you are finished, you can go to the bottom and click Save Changes

You will then want to save / publish your popup.

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