How to provide admin access for support

If you have an ongoing technical support ticket, you may be asked to provide administrative access to the support team so that we can troubleshoot your issue.

Why do we need admin access?

Our support team is currently manned by the same people who build HollerBox, our developers. These people are highly skilled in debugging and solving problems. We will be able to faster provide you with solutions by being able to look directly at the affected site.

There is only so much we can debug and troubleshoot through screenshots and copy-paste.

If your question does not require any technical support, you will not be asked to provide admin access to your site.

How do I provide access?

There are currently two ways you can provide access to our support team.

  1. Create a dedicated support account that you can disable after the successful resolution of your ticket.
  2. Use the Temporary Login plugin to provide temporary access to our support team.

How to create an admin user account:

Go to Users > Add New and use the username groundhogg and email address

How to change an admin password:

Go to users, select the groundhogg user and click generate new password then update the user profile.

Make sure you copy the new password before saving it so that you can send it to us.

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